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Colorful Voices & Hush No More To Present Hope Healing In Action w/ 5(ret) Phillip Brashear 

Colorful Voices is delighted to announce its inaugural event on November 5th, titled "Mental Hope Healing in Action," in collaboration with HUSH No More. 


We are honored to feature the following esteemed speakers: 


* Timothy M. Jones, CEO of Colorful Voices 

* Dr. Vanessa Guyton, Executive Director of HUSH No More 

* Sean Callagy, CEO of Unblinded 

* Jared Lyon, CEO of Student Veterans of America 

* Marjah Simon, International Best-Selling Author and CEO of Authors Writers Academy 


Our distinguished keynote speaker for the event will be Chief Warrant Officer (retired) Mr. Phillip Brashear. He is the son of Master Chief Master Diver Carl Brashear, on whom the film "Men of Honor" starring Cuba Gooding Jr. and Robert DeNiro is based. 


VIP guests are invited to our exclusive Green Room, where they can mingle, network, and reflect on the event's proceedings throughout the day. 


Join us in this significant gathering as renowned veteran leaders, from local to national, impart their inspirational tales of mental resilience, hope, and proactive healing. 

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Timothy M. Jones via voice at (412) 716-4577 or email at

Mental Hope Healing In Action Speaker Series

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